Mistral Will Be Missed

We had an unwelcome surprise last Friday on a routine lunch break at the Ferry Building. Mistral Rotisserie — one of our favorite places for quality comfort food—was preparing to permanently close its doors. Chowhound (via Tablehopper) started rumors about this back in September, but as fall turned to winter and the lamb stew kept a comin’ we didn’t think the rumors were true.

But alas, we were wrong.

The Ferry Building was packed with FiDi lunchers and holiday traffic on Friday and almost everyone that made their way past the butcher-papered news hanging in Mistral’s window seemed shocked and disappointed. We certainly were. A patron asked if they had plans to open at another location and the gentleman behind the counter said he wasn’t aware of any such plans.

We’re not sure what caused the seemingly sudden exit and we’re not going to speculate. All we know is it looks like it’s out with old and in with the new. Or in this case, in with the Blue: Blue Bottle Coffee snagged themselves a permanent café space a stone’s throw away from Mistral. We’d be in denial if we didn’t admit to a serious New Orleans Iced Coffee addiction, but we’re not sure this new arrival makes up for a great loss.

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[Photo via Alexis Wright]

Mistral Will Be Missed