Microcosm Of The Microbrews

Anything in a limited quantity is worth more, so says some economics professor (we’re food people, not finance students). But we know this to be true without reading it in a book. We’re always after the hidden gems, the secret spots and treats that are best because of their scarcity.

Around town, we love to seek out the best of the microbrews, tiny batches of craft beer that might just be gone if we don’t get there in time. 15,000 barrels of beer might not sound like a small number, but do you know how much beer is consumed in Allston every weekend alone? While we can easily swing by any number of liquor stores to grab what we want (Wine Gallery being one of our faves) what if we want to dine out? What if we need a micro on tap? It shouldn’t be too much to ask.

Mission Hill’s The Squealing Pig always has a fun variety of beers on tap, and their small batches go best with their deliciously bizarre sandwich combinations. The bartenders are knowledge just in case you aren’t, and if you’re not after a microbrew, you can still sample their Belgian offerings, which are always worth a trip to the Hill.

When we’re downtown or browsing the Back Bay, equally hungry for sandwiches with style and a beer to wash it down, we hit up Parish Cafe, renowned for their inspired collaborative menu and dark brews. They serve an excellent mix of bottled and draft ales, changing with their seasons like their outdoor seating option.

But among bars that serve the best of the craft, we always turn to Bukowski’s Tavern. In addition to the normal range of German and domestic beers on tap, they always have choices that surprise us. Some people think it’s a dive. We call it heaven. You’ll have to see for yourself to believe it.

Squealing Pig [Official Site]
Parish Cafe [Official Site]
Bukowski’s Tavern [MenuPages]

[Photo: Schlüsselbein2007/Flickr]


Microcosm Of The Microbrews