Mantou Noodle Bar Closed, TOC Reviewers SOL

They’re having a WTF moment over at the Time Out Chicago office:

After attempting to set up a photo shoot for a (now unnecessary) upcoming review, TOC was informed by Mantou Noodle Bar’s PR team that as of today the restaurant has closed. The restaurant had been open just over one month.

Whoops! Someone’s going to have to dig into the backup pile! (May we suggest: A video of Tamarkin street-dancing.)

It’s highly probable that Consumatron, who purchased some deeply underwhelming crispy beef with egg noodles from the restaurant on 12/6, was the last blogger to see Mantou alive.

Mantou Noodle already closed [TOC Blog]
Crispy Beef w/Egg Noodles from Mantou [Consumatron]

Mantou Noodle Bar Closed, TOC Reviewers SOL