Like Right Now, The Haitians Want To Come To America

Remember the wildly offensive scene in Clueless when Cher explains that Haitian people want to emigrate to the US, mispronouncing their ethnicity and essentially butchering any understanding of complex racial equalities for her class? Are we going a little too heavy on the ’90s movie references? What can we say? Strange bits of the same pop culture are lodged in our collective brains.

Thankfully, unlike Cher, we think we have a better grasp on the complexities of Haiti, especially their cuisine. There are a couple of Haitian spots we love down in Mattapan and a couple of Jamaican cafes scattered around we dig, but when we’re in the ‘Bridge and need a fix, we head to Camie’s. Part bakery, part restaurant, Camie’s is all love. With obligatory rice and beans, we have our choice of chicken, beef, and the occasional specialty (think lamb or goat). This couldn’t be less vegetarian friendly with wings and all sorts of fish on the menu, but the staff also couldn’t be nicer.

While you’re there, you simply must try a pattie, famously thick and flaky pastries that are all too hard to find in our city. They might look small and silly, a bit like a weak calzone, but they’re worth every penny. Everything is reasonably priced - a heaping plate of food will set you back a little under $10 - and their baked goods are consistently out of this world. And technically, they are from out of our world. Stop in for a peek at the Caribbean decor and leave with a box of patties to impress all of your friends who have never heard of them. Within a week, it will be the new favorite among your pals. We bet on it.

Camie’s Restaurant [MenuPages]

[Photo: stu_spivak/Flickr]


Like Right Now, The Haitians Want To Come To America