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Kitchen Nightmares Trolling for New Victims

Gordon Ramsay, nice guy.
Gordon Ramsay, nice guy. Photo: Getty Images

Is the restaurant business not thankless enough for you? Maybe you need to add more chaos and difficult personalities to your kitchen. If so, Kitchen Nightmares is casting. Fox TV is looking for a struggling restaurant to be berated and whipped into shape by Mean Chef Gordon Ramsay. Click through to see casting details and then think long and hard about how much you like yourself.

Starring Gordon Ramsay is back!
Casting Immediately!
Are you Looking to Resuscitate your Restaurant?
FOX’S hit show “KITCHEN NIGHTMARES” wants to hear from you!
Does your restaurant need HELP? Are you trying to make some green, but still running red? Do you and your chef have different ideas about the menu? Or maybe you have a great location, but it doesn’t seem to entice many customers?
If you want to apply to have Chef Gordon Ramsay come into your establishment for one week to troubleshoot your problems and try to get you back on the road to success. Contact us NOW!

If interested in having Gordon Ramsay help you,
EMAIL : Twinsworld1@aol.com
Make sure to include: Your name , contact info (including a phone number), name of your restaurant, where you are located (city/state), type of cuisine you serve, your specialty, how many seats you have, how long you have been open, photos or website if available, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY , why you need our help. The MORE INFO THE BETTER. ( The dynamics of the people that work there, if there is history behind restaurant, if you are new to the restaurant business, type of issues you encounter, etc)

*Restaurants must be open at least 1 year and have at least 35 seats

Kitchen Nightmares Trolling for New Victims