Keeping It In The Family

We’re all for seasonal foods, but updating your menu every day? The folks at Lineage don’t seem to mind. Married couple Jeremy and Lisa Sewall founded one of the best newer spots in Coolidge Corner several years ago, and since then, the praise has rolled in, including a spread in Bon Appetit in 2006. The traveling bread basket makes it impossible to fill up on their carby goodness, which we think is sort of ingenious. The menu often includes fresh fish options and lamb as main courses, with a nod to the vegetarians in their lovely gnocchi dish. We’ve heard rumors about amazing tasting menus, but we’ve never had the joy of catching one of these events. Check their menu or sign up for their newsletter to be in the loop! We sure did.

Sunday brunch, from 10:30 - 2, is also another reason to try this Brookline cafe. Fresh juices, an entire pastry menu at your fingertips, and delicious pancakes are only at the top of the list of reasons why this could easily end up your new favorite breakfast spot. While we wouldn’t roll in wearing our PJs, we do feel comfortable enough to chow down without hesitation, coffee cups kept full. The staff is as professional as the kitchen, making us feel right at home - so much so that we almost forget to keep our hands in our laps and not talk with our mouths full.

It may be hard to think about treating yourself as reports come out that yes, we are officially in a recession. But if you’ve got to pick a small neighborhood spot this side of the city, we couldn’t recommend a better choice.

Lineage [MenuPages]
Lineage [Official Site]

[Photo: Matthew Levine/Flickr]

Keeping It In The Family