Joseph Poon’s Website Reveals The Mysteries Of His World

After reading the Philadelphia Weekly review of Joe’s Peking Duck Original 1984, we were left with the feeling that the whole operation was shrouded in a veil of mystery. That, and an overwhelming desire to find out what exactly he does to make the Peking duck.

Lucky for our curiosity, Chef Joseph Poon’s website is a veritable cornucopia of information! For example, he has a special holiday menu running from November 1-December 31, as well as the well-known Chinese New Year Banquet. Even more saliently, one can talk a “Wok ‘n Walk” tour of Chinatown, as early as this coming Friday.

Most importantly for our purposes though, has recipes and info on cooking classes. The Peking duck does not number among the recipes, but one can take a class entitled “The Secret of Making Peking Duck.” Indeed, it’s true. For $95 “students will learn how to make Chef Joseph Poon’s famous Peking Duck, along with pancakes for wrapping the delicacy, and the scallion flower used for garnishing. The class includes a trip to the Asian Grocery Store and a Peking Duck house.” You also get a whole (very Peking duck heavy) meal out of the affair, so it’s not a bad deal. After all, what’s that old adage about teaching a man to fish?

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[Photo: Joseph Poon’s dragon watermelon via Joseph Poon]


Joseph Poon’s Website Reveals The Mysteries Of His World