It’s Tonight! The Achatz-Keller Dinner At Alinea

It was exactly 68 days ago that we told you to set aside $22 a day. If you’ve been dutifully playing along, you should have a pile of $1496. Now open your wallet and take out four bucks, and — poof! — you’re ready to attend tonight’s epic Keller-Achatz dinner. The same dinner was held in New York a few weeks ago, but tonight’s the Chicago edition: the two titans are even as we speak engaging in some frenetic mise en place in the kitchen at Alinea.

You’re going, right? Sadly, we’re not (we wasted all those big bucks from blogging on hookers and blow), and we’re dying for some firsthand accounts. Some consolation: Phil Vettel’s not going either. Maybe we’ll call him up and see if he wants to join us for a rival twenty-course meal — each plating a single, perfect Chicken McNugget. Who needs Black Truffle Explosion when you’ve got sweet & sour sauce, anyway?

Alinea [MenuPages]
Alinea [Official Site]

[Photo of the Alinea kitchen via their official website]

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It’s Tonight! The Achatz-Keller Dinner At Alinea