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Is an ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Winner Working at Cocoa Bar?

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We’ve poked fun at Park Slope’s Cocoa Bar for having blatantly awful taste in music, but apparently they have exquisite hiring sensibilities, because according to a commenter at Brooklynian.com, Naima Mora, the winner of cycle four, is working there as a barista: “ok seriously now people … the girl on line waiting for her hot chocolate in front of me today asked the barista if she was indeed Naima of top model fame and she responded YES. She seems nice enough and also seems to be just going about her life as any of us would.” But could it be her twin sister? And is she even the cutest barista there?

When asked for comment, someone who answered the phone at Cocoa Bar said that she didn’t feel comfortable disclosing information about employees. Another commenter writes:

I’ve noticed her there for the past couple of weeks but I always thought it was her sister. I’m surprised it’s her. But, if anyone wants to see real beauty you have to check out the brunette barista with the blue/green eyes and thick eyelashes. That’s the knockout of Cocoa Bar. When she’s working it doesn’t bother me at all that they are so incredibly glacial when it comes to making my sugar-free vanilla latte.

Wow. So is Cocoa Bar the next Coffee Shop?

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Is an ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Winner Working at Cocoa Bar?