Ina Pinkney’s Take On Comfort Food

In the CHuffPo, Ina Pinkney writes a head-scratcher of a piece on the idea of “comfort food.”

It seems to center around the idea that comfort food is less about the food itself, and more about the people and warmth we’re surrounded with. No big news there — the reason comfort foods are comfort foods is usually that we had them as a kid, fed them by a loving family member, in a warm and safe place. But Ina’s article really reads more like part name-dropping extravaganza (“I had dinner with [long list of Big Names]”), part weirdly backhanded advertisement for her restaurant:

When a couple signing divorce papers at the table in the corner meet to sign them at INA’S, the food takes a back seat to the comfort that envelopes and supports them during the difficult process.

We would guess, actually, that the food takes a back seat to the fact that they are signing divorce papers. But we’ll defer to you, Ina. Whatever you say.

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Ina Pinkney’s Take On Comfort Food