I’ll Have One Of Everything

Who doesn’t love a holiday deal? While we love prix fixe menus all year, we especially love one less decision around the holidays. Set us down, hand us our simple list of choices, and take care of the rest. At some restaurants, this is particularly easy since you know no matter what you order, it will be delicious.

One sure bet is Les Zygomates, wine and raw bar extraordinaire. When some of the main course choices can run a similar price to their $32 prix fixe menu, why wouldn’t you sign up for soup, salad, main course, and dessert all in one? Live jazz brings us in, and the affordable cuisine keeps us happy.

L’Espalier features various fixed menus throughout the year, but their lunch set-up is our favorite. It’s a perfect stop while rushing around Back Bay for last minute gifts, and at an easy to swallow price, it’s a great way to try this French spot if you’ve never been before. Be ready to take your time. Lunch at L’Espalier is a leisurely affair.

On Sundays only, you can sample the best of the menu at Rendezvous for a flat $38. While we don’t begrudge the chefs who only offer certain items on their prix fixe menus, we love the one here for including everything - we mean everything. Because they include the entire menu, this is also the best bet for vegetarians. You’ve only got one weekend left before Christmas. And you were sick of cooking, right?

Les Zygomates [Official Site]
L’Espalier [Official Site]
Rendezvous [Official Site]

[Photo: NoelZiaLee/Flickr]


I’ll Have One Of Everything