Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Work We Go…

Who are you calling a ho? And when did children’s story language get co-opted by the streets? Our guess is it took an ugly turn when too many people crowded into the subways on Monday morning, after a four-day weekend. We are not pleased to be among the living. We miss our turkey hangover.

Everyone’s grumpy (not like the dwarf - and isn’t that also an un-PC term?). We’re sleepy. Nobody wants to be here. We’re counting the minutes until lunch. We’re also pinching pennies after a day at the mall on Black Friday. What are the office drones to do for cheap eats downtown?

Never fear. Eating cheap lunch downtown is something of a skill of these days. We frequent the established haunts as proof of our city cred, and it keeps us well-fed even when we’re feeling blue. Herrera’s Mexican Grill has burritos the size of your arm to help your stomach readjust after your Thanksgiving binge. They serve some of the fastest hot lunch specials, and we go for quesadillas when we’re feeling chilly but only moderately hungry. Take a friend - they’ll be impressed by the friendly service.

Boston Kebab House is also a downtown landmark we’d be remiss not to mention. Around noon, the place fills up with frenzied bankers and scattered admin-types, so go early or stop in for a late lunch to avoid the rush. We’re not sure how they manage to charge so little for so much Turkish goodness, but we fill our plates and bellies every time we come in. Keep an eye open for their dollar coupons.

And in a time where chain fast food joints rule our urban spaces, don’t you want something a little more Mom & Pop? Al’s State Street Cafe serves up fresh subs loaded with toppings, perfect for the everyman (or woman) on the go. If you happen by during the noon rush, look for the piles of money around the cash register. Al does things so well, his staff can barely keep up with the hoards of hungry worker bees. We know it’s a tough business, but we still think that’s a good thing.

Herrera’s Mexican Grill [MenuPages]
Boston Kebab House [Official Site]
Al’s State Street Cafe [Official Site]

[Photo: Scott Ableman/Flickr]

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Work We Go…