Get Jealous: Tamale Day

This year, goofy holiday fun is out and sober thriftiness is in. No company holiday parties, minimal gift-buying, scrooge-like shunnings all around. Man, things suck.

But not at this house: Our new favorite SF food blog, Beer and Rap, has a post up about the most fun thing anybody in the country has experienced so far this holiday season. They had a party that featured approximately 1,000 Mexican beers, a seemingly bottomless feast of tamales, and a drunken deep-fry fest to top it off.

It’s possible that the level of fun we perceived was inflated a bit by the rampant blasphemy and swearing in the blog post. It really sums up how we and a lot of folks feel about this time of year:

Oh man I don’t give a f*ck about the holidays. Christmas is worthless jesus sh*t for kids, thanksgiving is bullsh*t too. This time of year just sucks because my tv wants to sell me on snowglobes full of lies.The only thing I actually like about the holidays is f*cking Tamale Day, it’s the best sh*t in the world.

Are you going to read an intro like that and not get stoked on what comes next? No, you are not. Especially when you get a detailed, blow-by-blow rundown of everything that went down over the course of that enviable evening.

As it is, your best chance lies in running into the Tamale Lady while out drinking some night, or possibly picking up a round at the Roosevelt Tamale Parlor. Small consolation.

Tamale Day 2008 [Beer and Rap]
Roosevelt Tamale Parlor [MenuPages]

[Photo: Via Beer And Rap]

Get Jealous: Tamale Day