FYI: Tit For Tat

• Consumer Reports has exposed some unexpected foods as being very high in sodium. (Twizzlers?! Really?) Concurrently, the AMA has some pretty sobering statistics about the number of deaths that could be prevented if Americans halved their salt intake. Yikes. [NYT]

• To file away under ‘who knew?’, Missouri has quite the crop of wine grapes from 2008. Huh. Who knew! [AP/Boston Globe]

• A public library in Illinois is offering fine-forgiveness in exchange for donations of canned foods for the hungry. What a great way to both deal with hunger and extend a helping hand to delinquent library patrons. [Chicago Tribune]

• Meanwhile, in California, the LAPD also has an exchange! This one is a little different though: instead of books and library fines, LA residents can trade in their firearms for $100 gift cards. In the past, people mainly chose cards for electronics stores and the like — this year, the gift cards for Ralphs supermarkets have been the hot item. [Newsday]

• Might the Northeast be making a comeback as an agricultural region? Well, “comeback” might be overstating it, but the combination of the increased cost of food and a full-blown locavore movement does mean that more Northeastern farmers are trying their hand at long-abandoned crops like grains. [Chicago Tribune]


FYI: Tit For Tat