FYI: Safety First

• China is finally planning to issue a blacklist of all food additive that might be tainted. [Associated Press]

• The FDA would like you to know that they’re doing a great job protecting you from tainted food. Look, they even made a report saying so! [US News & World Report]

• Sustainable foodies from Alice Waters to Michael Pollan are very interested to learn who Obama will choose as his Secretary of Agriculture and are hoping for someone outside of Big Farming. [New York Times]

• Starbucks plans to cut costs to the tune of $200 million by closing 600 stores and laying of 13,000 employees company-wide. [New York Post]

• Mario Batali is ringing the opening bell at NASDAQ this morning. Funny, we didn’t know you could wear Crocs on the trading floor. [MarketWatch]


FYI: Safety First