FYI: Post-Turkey

• Ruh-oh! The cranberry industry is not doing so hot, as people buy fewer cranberries while harvests swell. As with so many things in the food industry these days, hopes of salvation are being pinned on Europeans. [NYT]

• The FDA may be on the verge of giving a stamp of approval to stevia, a natural sweetener. Soda companies are basically falling all over themselves in excitement and anticipation. [Chicago Tribune]

• You’ve all heard the news by now: the economy is terrible, and people want to save money. Organic food has been all the rage for the past few years, but in cost-cutting times, are the benefits worth as much as the monetary price? [LA Times]

• Remember colony collapse disorder, that mysterious bee plague with scary implications for agriculture the world over? Bees Without Borders, based out of Connecticut, is on a quest to keep honeybees alive and producing. Winnie the Pooh would be tickled pink. [NYT]

• The name Cavanagh Co. may not ring a bell, but rest assured: as far as churchgoers are concerned, they are the messiah of Communion wafers. Perhaps it’s because they taste so much better; perhaps it’s crazy business smarts. Whatever it is, they are doing something right, seeing as they control 80% of the market in the States! [Boston Globe]


FYI: Post-Turkey