FYI: Pizza Is A Life-saver

• Call it the ultimate recession special: tending chickens is on the rise in Chicago. [Chicago Tribune]

• It might be hard to stomach for those fond of Kanga and Roo, but kangaroos are a much “greener” bunch that cattle, and some in Australia would like to see them replace beef and mutton as the default meat. [NYT]

• A pizza deliveryman in Florida was held and gunpoint and saved himself by throwing a hot pepperoni pizza at his assailant. [Newsday]

• Amidst worries over flagging US sales, KFC is looking to launch a grilled chicken option in 2009. [LA Times]

• The government deal to buy Florida sugar cane fields from U.S. Sugar and turn said fields into Everglades conservation areas has not been sealed. There is some controversy over who it benefits — and the $1.35 billion price tag. [Miami Herald]


FYI: Pizza Is A Life-saver