FYI: Let Them Eat Caviar

• A pair of caviar smugglers were apprehended in Italy, carrying about 88lbs of beluga caviar — estimated cash value, $550,000. So what’s to be done with the valuable, and extremely delicious, contraband? It’s to be fed to the needy and homeless on Christmas. [BBC]

• Get scared, y’all! Apparently, Chicago-area groceries stores (and, we assume, stores nationwide) “routinely” mislabel products that contain food allergens. [Chicago Tribune]

• A lawyer in Arizona was arrested for feeding his client a piece of candy against detention officers’ orders. We are left wondering how many other times candy has been against the law. [AP/San Francisco Chronicle]

• Attention holiday travelers: while most airports are still black holes for good eats, the lucky millions passing through LAX, Dallas, Miami, and Atlanta are in for some tasty grub. That said, none of the the food at these airports comes close to that at JFK’s new Jet Blue terminal. [NYT]

• After 16 years of dwindling returns, salmon are finally coming back to Maine rivers in greater numbers. [AP/Boston Globe]


FYI: Let Them Eat Caviar