FYI: In Sickness And In Health

• Sigh. China has doubled its count of babies who’ve died from melamine-related formula — it’s now up to 6 — while over 300,000 have been made ill. [AP/Houston Chronicle]

• On the upside, the Michelin guide just awarded three stars to a Chinese restaurant for the first time ever. [AFP]

• If you (like us) are freaked out by all the tainting/recalls/etc, there’s a new website that aggregates food safety information. [WaPo]

• Unhealthy foods about which a healthy aspect is emphasized (like slapping a “trans-fat-free” label on something) lead to a “health halo” — we eat more of it without realizing our guard is down. [NYT]

• There’s a serious shortage of kosher meat, thanks to the closure of one of the largest kosher processing plants. [AP/Trib]


FYI: In Sickness And In Health