FYI: Everything In Its Place

• China has explicitly banned 17 substances — like lye, formaldehyde, and boric acid — from being used as food additves. Helpful. [AFP]

• Marion Nestle advises taking advantage of the presidential administration change to get your voice heard about food safety and chemical additives. [SF Chron]

• The state of New York is closing its last pheasant farm, and declaring that its 8000 pheasants should be given to food pantries. Let them eat … game birds? [NYT]

• A Florida man is in jail for throwing a sandwich at his girlfriend’s head. “Police reports did not what type of sandwich was used in either attack.” [AP/Tribune]

• There’s a sarcastic cookbook out called ‘Cuisines of the Axis of Evil,’ and the author seems pretty awesome. [Reuters]


FYI: Everything In Its Place