FYI: Already In Too Deep

• Ireland has issued a recall of every single Irish pork product, thanks to higher-than-normal dioxin levels found in tested meat. [SFGate]

• A huge study is underway that’s looking for explanations for severe food allergies. [NYT]

• Whole Foods is attempting to block the FTC’s investigation of its acquisition of Wild Oats, saying it would be too hard to undo if they’re found to be in violation of antitrust regulations. (Whoa. Is that really a viable defense?) [Bloomberg]

• China is still trying to boost its international reputation for non-tainted food, this time with a four-month PR blitz. [WaPo]

• The locavore movement (or at least, a variant thereof) has finally reached Japan. [SFGate]


FYI: Already In Too Deep