From A Yelp To A Whimper

Today is a lot of things. It’s Wednesday. It’s about 60 degrees out, it’s trash day in our old apartment. But you know what today is not? It’s not Yelp Day.

Which makes it like most days, really, except that it was going around that the mayor’s office was going to declare today some kind of Yelp-based holiday, but then was all, “psyche!” That’s if you believe the Yelp people. Mayoral spokesman Nate Ballard basically just said, no, it’s not happening, and didn’t get into details with the Examiner about whether that was a change of plan.

Now, Yelp is sort of our competition, so we’re not crying about them not getting their own civic holiday, but they did get one last year, according to the Ex, so it seems a little chilly to snub them now.

SFist suggested that this may lower the mayor’s rating on Yelp, but we’re pretty convinced that only getting mauled by a bear or splashed with acid could do such a thing. The vast majority of four and five-star reviews focus mainly on his looks, while the bad reviews called out his lack of response to problems like homelessness and unsolved murders. And truly, who cares about the homicide rate when you’ve got hair like that?

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From A Yelp To A Whimper