Friday Saturday Sunday Time Travels

Here’s a promotion that warms the cockles of our heart in these lean, frightening days: Friday Saturday Sunday is celebrating their 35th Anniversary with special, recession-friendly prices. Okay, so the “time travel” is only figurative, but don’t be mad! This Wednesday (that would be December 3rd), Fri Sat Sun will be serving their original 1973 dishes with 1973 prices from 5:30pm-10:30pm.

We’re not sure what the full menu will consist of, but the small plates look a little something like this:
Chile Elizabeth Taylor — $6
Chili served with a corn bread crust and hot chile
pepper poking out. Black beans on the side

Inacodadavita — $8
Filet of Cod stuffed with tomato, artichoke hearts and Jarlsberg cheese.
With white wine butter sauce

South Philly Salad — $6
A chilled crisp salad with a spicy vinaigrette, topped with a link of
Italian sausage hot off the grille

Avocado Suzi — $5
Thinly sliced avocado, sour cream and mayonnaise topped with caviar

Curious about how much entrees will cost, we did a little sleuthing on an ever-handy inflation calculator. Because it doesn’t calculate inflation backwards, we had to play around with the numbers, but figured out this much: the average (present day) entree at Fri Sat Sun will run you $23.77. According to the inflation calculator “what cost $5 in 1973 would cost $23.09 in 2007.” Since the small plates on the 35th Anniversary menu are going for that price, this could mean a couple things: either they are not the real 1973 prices, or the restaurant used to be way more expensive.

Wait — waht are we prattling on about? Regardless of very, very fuzzy math, the fact remains that even fake 1973 prices are much better than 2008 prices.

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[Photo: Friday Saturday Sunday via F.X.Enderby/Flickr]

Friday Saturday Sunday Time Travels