Foods Of The Gods (And Goddesses)

One of the more hidden spots in Boston, Persephone is the restaurant half of The Achilles Project. Part upscale boutique, part classy restaurant, you’ve got to walk through the former to get to the latter. If you’re one to be on the lookout for $600 jeans, you’re probably familiar with the lay of the land. If not, get ready to leave your credit cards at home.

Persephone tends to be fill of the predictable crowd, wearing a lot of black or a lot of white and looking unreasonably fresh. We’d be intimidated if we didn’t love the contemporary American cuisine so much. For a vegetarian, there are several great reasons to be here, and we appreciate that veggie appetizers and entrees aren’t a mere afterthought or force us to make a special request. Other influences make themselves more apparent on the menu elsewhere, as French and Asian flavors fuse with fish and steaks. The oysters are as fresh as if they’d been plucked from the nearby ocean (actually, that might be sort of gross, but you get the metaphor). And last time we stopped by, the creme brulee was the perfect way to end our meal. Concept cafes might seem a little ridiculous, but they pull this one off with style.

If nothing else, stop in for the grouchy, lovable bartenders and their inventive cocktails. We promise if you don a pair of dark shades, you’ll fit right in.

Persephone [MenuPages]
The Achilles Project [Official Site]

[Photo: Material Boy/Flickr]

Foods Of The Gods (And Goddesses)