Fo-ley! Fo-ley!

Irish bar in Boston? No kidding. Try throwing a rock and not hitting one. But J.J. Foley’s Bar & Grille is an institution and, in the South End, where some of the best bars have closed over the last few years, Foley’s remains an institution. The jukebox is full of songs to keep you dancing, drunk or sober, and the bartenders still dress up to come to work. It might be a dive full of grizzled regulars, but it’s one hell of a classy pub.

There are all kinds of delicious cafes in the South End that cater to finicky eaters and snobby gourmands, but Foley’s still serves traditional fare that will fill you to the brim. Thin crust pizza, burgers, and crispy fries are only the beginning. The tuna melt comes with bacon. The steak tips are tender. Remember when Elaine in Seinfeld is obsessed with the “big salad”? This is where you can find a perfect substitute.

The bar is another source of happiness. From traditional Irish brews like Guinness to American IPA and local choices, bottles and draft choices abound. Beer and wine pricetags are reasonable, which more fully compliments the food. Bartenders who will serve you a fun surprise and carry on a great conversation make Foley’s comfortable for even a green newcomer. You’ll feel like part of the gang in no time.

Need one more reason to head over? Darts. Now get there.

J.J. Foley’s Bar & Grille [MenuPages]
J.J. Foley’s Bar & Grille [Official Site]

[Photo: Paul Keleher/Flickr]

Fo-ley! Fo-ley!