Feliz Ano Nuevo!

There are so many ways to usher in the new year with style. While we continue to recover from the massive holiday gorging, the last thing we want to do is cook. For excellent Mexican takeout at prices to match the holiday discount sales at the mall, we head to Olecito.

Huge burritos are the draw, but delicious tacos and tortas keep us coming back to this tiny Inman Square spot again and again. Don’t expect to bring a posse with you unless they’re helping to carry the takeout bags - Olecito only has a small eating area and does most of their business in take-away. The amazing selection of Mexican bottled beverages is always fun to browse, and their vegetarian options are great. Extra additions to your selection - think a giant dollop of guac on your quesadilla - will set you back a mere fifty cents. They even offer a selection of Mexican-style sandwiches for those craving a more authentic experience.

Remember to snag the free chips and salsa that come with your goodies. Even their salsa is deliciously memorable, and you’ll probably want the extra carb padding for your belly come midnight Wednesday.

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[Photo: Moe_/Flickr]


Feliz Ano Nuevo!