Help Eradicate Child Hunger, Win A Keller Or Achatz Cookbook!

Here is a serious conundrum: You want to buy, say, your mom a copy of the Alinea Cookbook as a gift for your winter holiday of choice. And you know your best friend would completely die over a copy of Thomas Keller’s new sous vide bible, Under Pressure, a book so terrific that our review copy of it was literally stolen off our desk over the Thanksgiving break. The culprit remains at large.

But you also know that food banks are seeing donations come in at all-time lows, while demand is at all-time highs. And the idea of spending money on books that fling around foie gras like it’s peanut butter sort of sits at a little bit of an off-kilter angle.

Enter blogger extraordinaire (and MP interviewee!) Carol Blymire, whose terrific relationships with the teams at Alinea and the Keller restaurants has lead to her finding herself in possession of five copies of Alinea and two of Under Pressure. You can win them! All you have to do is make a donation to Share Our Strength, an awesome anti-childhood hunger charity that does amazing work to offset the troubling statistic that one in six children in America are at risk of hunger.

Carol will randomly select seven donors — your donation can be as little as $5, or as high as infinity — to win cookbooks. So you can check someone off your gift list at the same time as checking something off that spiritual inventory.

Even if you don’t win, you can feel a little better about splurging on the books on Amazon. Call it a karmic offset.

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Help Eradicate Child Hunger, Win A Keller Or Achatz Cookbook!