Epicurious 2009 Food Trends: The San Francisco Treat

Hey, take a look at James Oliver Curry’s predictions for food trends in 2009 over at Epicurious. Look at how ahead-of-the-curve San Francisco is on everything. Neat, eh? Though not a surprise, we know.

All up and down the list, SF is like, “check, check, checkity check that too.” Like, no. 1, “value is the new sustainable,” well hell, we’ve got both in spades. Or no. 7, “regional roasters are the new Starbucks.” Dude, just try and find a cup of coffee that wasn’t roasted in some garage down the street. In fact, SF is mentioned by name in many of these predictions, and even where it’s not, it’s still right there with an example (La Mar Cebicheria was obviously the inspiration for no. 3).

Only thing we’d have added, especially with this year’s inception of Dynamo Donuts, is “Donuts are the new cupcakes,” but maybe that’s the kind of trend that should just fade, like the food world’s obsession with bacon (groan).

Anyway, read the whole list here, and then go pat yourself on the back and buy yourself a congratulatory cup of locally roasted coffee and an inexpensive, organic, farmers’-market apple from Sonoma. High five!

Epicurious Predicts Top 10 Food Trends for 2009
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[Photo: Via Phil Hawksworth/flickr]


Epicurious 2009 Food Trends: The San Francisco Treat