‘Edible Chicago’ Looking For Local Heroes

Edible Communities, mysterious* publishers of Edible Chicago magazine, has opened the nominations for their Local Heroes awards.

The write-in only campaign has five categories: Farm/Farmer, Chef/Restaurant, Food Artisan, Beverage Artisan, and Non-Profit Organization.

It’s kind of a weird operation: no guidelines for the awards are given (the Readers’s Julia Thiel notes that they don’t even define “local,” so spread those arms wide). It’s unclear whether this is a nomination form or a voting form (though we suspect it’s the latter, since it won’t let us submit more than once), but since there isn’t even a multiple choice option, we suspect the results are just going to be a high school homecoming-style popularity contest.

Seriously — name every local-produce oriented farm, restaurant, chef, bartender, and organization you can think of! (Not so fast, employees of The Local Beet.) We can think of, like, maybe ten total. And we follow this stuff for a living. But maybe that’s Edible’s point.

Reader’s Choice Local Hero Awards [Edible Communities, via]

[Photo via swanksalot’s Flickr]

*Seriously, it’s like all these Edible magazines came out of nowhere and took over the world. Maybe they are aliens, infiltrating in order to destroy?


‘Edible Chicago’ Looking For Local Heroes