Don We Now Our Gay Apparel

‘Tis the season to be jolly, dress up in festive colors, and use “it’s the holidays!” as an excuse for ravaging your hosts’ bar cabinet. Oh, how we love a good party. But if you’re little urban apartment isn’t quite the size for hosting a bunch of guests who hate your dog and leave piles of dishes on the floor, then it’s time to look at some outside options. Lots of restaurants in the greater Boston area are getting holiday-d out, and they serve as the ideal place to host your holiday party. Except instead of cleaning up and doing the dishes yourself, you can leave that to the employees.

One our top picks for an elegant holiday party is Harvard Square mainstay UpStairs on the Square, the regal restaurant perfect for celebrating any occasion. It features four fireplaces for that cozy feeling, and three different dining rooms to choose from. A full-sized Christmas tree sparkles with tinsel and ornaments in the bar while the dining room is home to a shimmering sugar plum tree.

If your budget doesn’t fly quite as high as those darned sugar plum fairies at Upstairs on the Square, maybe it can roll with the bowling balls of Jillians, located on oh-so-classy Lansdowne Street. Jillians is the perfect venue if your party tastes lean more towards bowling, pool, and beer goggles. With a lively crowd and munchies like nachos and burgers, it’s a great place for a group of friends to get together and celebrate the holiday, or that good ol’ office holiday party (God knows Ruth in accounting needs to loosen up a bit!) without breaking the bank. Either way, slap on that ugly holiday sweater and put some mistletoe above the bar (that way you’re guaranteed at least one makeout from a friend) and celebrate the season!

Upstairs on the Square [Official Site]
Jillians [Official Site]

[Photo: Bivings Report]


Don We Now Our Gay Apparel