Desperately Craving: Rainbow Cookies

Call us an easy sell, but the second we saw the opening image in Smitten Kitchen’s post about Seven-Layer Cookies (which we’ve grown up knowing as “Rainbow Cookies”), we were riding that train.

The celestial synergy of the earthy almond cake, the brightly-flavored jam filling, and the creamy chocolate coating (not to mention the sheer visual joy of neon pinks and greens in cake form) combine to create what is, to us, a near-perfect dessert experience. They usually come in bite-size pieces, which is helpful in that it allows us to virtuously say “Oh, we’ll just have one or two,” and then also later on to surreptitiously snatch a handful as we pass by the box on all of our suddenly quite urgent missions in other parts of the room that entirely by accident lead us past where the cookies are sitting.

Like pizza and sex, we’ve found that even crappy rainbow cookies are still pretty damn awesome — faux-almond flavoring and all. But if you’re interested in going out of your way for good ones, the two undeniable conversation-stoppers when it comes to Italian pasticcieri are Original Ferrara Bakery and D’Amato’s Bakery (1124 W Grand Ave, 312 733 5456).

Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, you can just make them yourself. And, hey, send a few down our way.

Seven-Layer Cookies [Smitten Kitchen]
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[Photo via Deb of Smitten Kitchen]


Desperately Craving: Rainbow Cookies