Decider Visits Vegetable Alchemy, We Remain Deeply Confused

Decider’s Dinah Grossman attends a — party? lecture? event? — at chef Michael Foley’s new food studio, Vegetable Alchemy.

The Vegetable Alchemy website is sort of a mystery — the “About Us” page lists three precepts (Fitness and Food are hand in hand; Balance is the key to good health; Less Stress, More Happiness) and “Services,” “Products,” and “Contact Us” all lead to zen-like plain white pages. So we were hoping that this would shed some light on what’s going on in Foleyville.

Unfortunately, Grossman’s studio preview visit reveals little more. It’s certainly no fault of hers — Foley himself says of his endeavor “I’m not articulating it purposefully right now.” (Our inner grammarian is inclined to wonder whether that misplaced modifier was intentional, but our inner not-such-a-goddamn-literalist understands that it’s not.)

Whatever the the point is (is it a restaurant? Is it a catering company? Is it a consulting business? Is it a lifestyle brand?), Foley tops off a few hours of chattering about sound vibrations, drinking champagne, and avoiding direct answers with a delicious lunch of mushroom-miso soup and a turkey-chickpea burger.

Meanwhile, we are left with a lingering feeling of ouate de phoque.

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Decider Visits Vegetable Alchemy, We Remain Deeply Confused