Crocodile Chicago: Free Pizza Is Always Good

Ira over at Being Totally Sweet In Chicago (we’re just gonna shorten that to BTSIC from now on, k?) wonders whether the brand-new Crocodile Lounge (1540 N Milwaukee Ave, 773 252 0880) is going to blow up Chicago the same way it blew up New York.

Here’s the schtick: Order a beer, you get a pizza.

No, seriously, we didn’t believe it was true either, until a few years ago we hit up the Brooklyn location (called the Alligator Lounge, but it’s the same sitch), ordered a Blue Moon, and were handed a ticket for a free pizza. And then we walked to the back of the bar, where a bunch of dudes were cooking pizzas in a wood-burning oven, and we picked up our pizza. And then we ate it, and it was delicious, and we were happy.

While you can upgrade your pizza for extra cash (toppings run a few bucks, fancy pizzas and paninis are separate purchases unto themselves), the plain personal cheeser that comes with the beer has always been more than enough to keep us happy. We’d advise that you maximize your spending power and stick to the (cheesy, saucy, delicious) basics.

Crocodile’s grand opening is tonight, so swing on by and see for yourself.

Will Crocodile be sweet? [BTSIC]

[Photo via Slice]

Crocodile Chicago: Free Pizza Is Always Good