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Chris Cheung Brings Shanghai-Inspired Menu to China 1

Chris Cheung, the chef who left Monkey Bar after Graydon Carter bought it and who, before that, had a much publicized (on this site, anyway) departure from Almond Flower, has now been in the kitchen at China 1 for about a week. He tells us his new menu there will bring back some of his old favorites (barbecued Cantonese duck, dim sum, foie gras buns, etc.), but is also inspired by his recent travels in and around Shanghai, where he discovered new ingredients while helping cook for family banquets. Aside from traditional fare like soup dumplings and scallion pancakes, he’s particularly excited about his two varieties of hand-pulled “Shanghai noodles” (“they’re the Shanghai version of ramen,” he says), one consisting of a short-rib broth and the other incorporating the underused yellow flower fish, a sea bass–like fish he gets from China. Cheung is also using Shanghai baby walnuts (a sweet variety) to crust a tuna that he plates over a braised daikon. The rest of his new menu is below.

Homemade Dim Sum (per piece, served as a family-style platter for the table)
Shenjiamen chicken dumpling - $2
Shanghai crispy shrimp and chicken spring roll - $1.50
Foie gras filled soft bao bun - $5
Dragon soup dumpling, hot and sour broth - $2
Classic potsticker, rock shrimp and pork - $2
Slow braised short rib, filled crispy gold coin - $1.50
Shanghai style scallion pancake, 5 spice butter - $1.50

Sharing Plates
Asian pear salad, watercress, lemon ginger vinaigrette - $5
Black cod, char sui style with jade green bok choy - $10
Baby Shanghai walnut crusted tuna, avocado puree, braised daikon - $11
Pan roasted chicken breast, Haianese chicken rice moo shu, coconut curry - $9
Barbecued baby back ribs, sweet chili glaze - $9
Crystal lobster dumplings, tuna tartar, grilled scallop trio - $10
Filet mignon, pan fried noodles, house made oyster abalone sauce - $11
Fresh Asian market vegetables, Taiwanese tofu - $7
Jasmine Rice - $4

Specialties of the House
Shanghai noodle and red braised short rib served in dark broth - $17
Shanghai noodle and yellow flower fish served in broth - $16
Cantonese BBQ crispy duck on bao pancakes platter - $19
Wok seared chicken and vegetable chow fun - $14

Signature Fried Rice
Happy Buddha - Slow roasted beef and garlic - $9
Shanghai Belly - Carmelized pork belly, fried quail egg - $9
Blue Prawn - Blue freshwater prawns with a garlic and chili butter drizzle - $13
5-Spice Special - Chinese sausage, 5 spice house cured poached egg - $8
Fresh Asian Vegetables - Veggies from the Green Market and Chinatown - $9

Chris Cheung Brings Shanghai-Inspired Menu to China 1