Battle for Hipster Superiority

Chloe 81 Is Giving Beatrice a Good Fight

Photo: Courtesy of Chloe

In October we predicted Chloe would be the new Beatrice — and we weren’t just saying that because they kind of look the same and have girl names. Per a feature in Anthem, it looks like she’s all grown up now.

Chloe 81 has become the Eastside’s Biggie to the [Beatrice]’s Tupac in an epic battle of the hips. Though the two typically entertain the same clientele — a veritable who’s who of young fashion types — the variation that Chloe provides seems to be a welcome addition to its habitués. This Lower East Side hideaway first gained notoriety with the increasingly popular Wednesday party The Ivy, hosted by NYLON’s Men’s Market Editor Jared Flint and Ethan James Group founder Mike Townsend. Though they remain faithful friends with their Westside foe, these gentlemen realized that having only one viable destination for beautiful people, fun tunes and some serious liver exercise was becoming a tad dull. The Ivy was christened during Fashion Week, and has since met with an overwhelming response among hipsters of the night, thus adding to Chloe’s growing credibility.

So the question now becomes: Will BEast (where Kenzo Minami’s Thursday-night party is growing and Lookbooker Chad Curry just started a Wednesday-night coldwave party) be the new Chloe? Suddenly we have options, people!

Chloe 81 vs. Beatrice Inn: An Expose On New York’s Hipster Fixtures [Anthem]

Chloe 81 Is Giving Beatrice a Good Fight