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Top Chef Scallop Quote Turns Out to Be a Little Fishy

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

Earlier, in our Platt chat, we complained that this season’s cheftestants are cooking way too many scallop dishes, but it turns out that’s just the half of it. Amuse Biatch has uncovered footage that shows the Top Chef producers at their most devious.

In building their case against the scallop dish Jamie made for the Seven Swans A-Swimming component of the skull-numbingly numbskull “12 Days of Christmas” Elimination Challenge, the editors showed 6’4”, blue-eyes-and-calves-of-death gay grointhrob (much better than heartthrob) Cheyenne Jackson saying, “I just tried the Seven Swans A-Swimming. A little too slimy.” Case closed; bring in the guilty verdict.

And yet, on the “bonus footage” on Bravo’s website we get to see Cheyenne’s complete statement, which we are transcribing just in case the video mysteriously disappears (it starts at the 30-seconds-remaining mark): “I just tried the Seven Swans A-Swimming, um, and it was good, surprisingly. I’m not usually a scallops person. A little too slimy.”

So Jackson was referring to scallops in general. He actually liked Jamie’s. Really, Top Chef? It’s like finding out there is no Santa Claus!

Scallopgate Redux: On Behalf of Cheyenne Jackson, a Framed Jamie Lauren, the Gays, and Honest People in General, Amuse-Biatch Cries, “Bullshit!” [Amuse Biatch]

Top Chef Scallop Quote Turns Out to Be a Little Fishy