Challah At Your Girl

Oy Freakin’ Vey! You’re hungry! So resist defrosting that 2 year old chicken in the freezer, and treat the family to a night on the town. Brookline isn’t just some tiny shtetl, after all. It’s a bustling city filled with delicious Jewish food options that will satisfy everyone, Gentile or Jew. So hop on the Challah-mobile as we cruise down Harvard Street in search of nourishment.

Probably the most well known Jewish restaurant in Boston, Zaftigs Delicatessen is where you can find an elegant yet comfortable dining space with a side of fresh lox. Whether it’s breakfast (which you can get all day long!), lunch, or dinner, Zaftigs offers a huge menu with tons of options. Everything from traditional motzah ball soup to borscht is available, but when we’re in the Coolidge Corner area there’s no way of avoiding Zaftigs’ tuna melts. While this is not a kosher restaurant, for those who don’t mind it’s a wonderland of comfort food.

So you really keep kosher? No problem. Rubin’s keeps kosher and delicious, 100 percent of the time. While we can’t imagine anyone actually craves gefilte fish, we know that overstuffed sandwiches are the subject of much desire through the work day. And when Rubin’s says overstuffed, they really mean it.

Last but surely not least on our journey is dessert, a meal that simply can’t be ignored if you happen to be cruising down Harvard Street. While Kupel’s Bakery (421 Harvard St, (617) 566-9528) may be famous for the dozens of bagels it’s produced over the years (and their home made cream cheese), anyone with a sweet tooth can enjoy Kupel’s cookies and pastries. Offerings include rows of chocolate chip cookies to traditional hamantashen, a Jewish pastry cookie filled with everything from cherry to chocolate. It’s a must have in the world of desserts, so have some chutzpah and give it a try.

Zaftigs Delicatessen [Official Site]
Rubin’s Kosher Deli and Restaurant [Official Site]
Kupel’s Bakery, 421 Harvard St. (617) 566-9528

[Photo: Gateway To Sedona]

Challah At Your Girl