Caracas Arepas Bar Expands; Alcoholic Recession Specials

Caracas Arepas Bar will open a second branch in Williamsburg, bringing arepas, as well as a full bar, to Grand Street. [Brooklyn Paper]

• Recession specials: They’re not just for food anymore. Restaurants like Perry Street are starting to reduce drink prices in response to the current economic climate. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]

• Tom Colicchio and the Craft chain are being sued for misappropriation of tips and overtime violations. [PR Newswire]

• Cue “I Will Remember You” for a roundup of the saddest restaurant closings of the year, including Vesuvio Bakery and Florent. [NYDN]

• Oddest recession special yet: Merchants NY will let you throw a holiday party for twenty friends, complete with two-hour open bar, and not charge you the $1,000 it costs until December 2009. [Feedbag]

• Sommeliers across the country think that single, handsome men are drinking full-bodied red wines. [WSJ]

Caracas Arepas Bar Expands; Alcoholic Recession Specials