Where Was Barack?

There have been murmurings over the past couple of days about last night’s National Governors Association dinner, where it was being held, and whether Barack Obama was going to be in attendance. Yesterday, the Insider reported that yes, indeed, Obama was going to be dining with the NGA, and that said dinner would be taking place at City Tavern.

Wait, whuuut? Over at Phoodie, they echoed our sentiments exactly — if you (Ed Rendell) were trying to show off the Philly dining scene, would you really go to City Tavern? It’s not that it’s bad. It’s just that it’s the higher-brow equivalent of taking someone on a pretzel and cheesesteak binge, all while whispering to them that they are seeing the best that Philly has to offer.

However, the “plot” “thickens”! Although Rendell did take the governors to City Tavern, Barack was not among them. Philadelphia Magazine’s Daily Examiner blog spoke to City Tavern’s marketing director, who was “shocked” at how the story “got out of hand”. Oh well.

So where did Barack eat? We’re going to guess that it was probably in the privacy of his hotel room, because if he had eaten out, it would probably be widely known. After all, check out the reception that he got at Friends Select — there is no way he was out and about for dinner without anyone noticing.

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Where Was Barack?