Bunny, Meet Bunmei

In our second rabbit-disassembling post of the month, we’d like to point you to the blog of former Orson chef Ryan Farr, who is going to be the guest at this Thursday’s Mission Street Food. While rabbit head and lengua terrine is not actually on that menu, Farr gives us a thorough (and very visual) treatment of the subject in a recent post, starting with the phrase, “Start by cutting the face off below the chin were the neck was.”

So yeah, sometimes a wonderful, wholesome exercise like cooking a complicated, nearly waste-free dinner for your friends, starts with something as ostensibly twisted as cutting a rabbit’s face off. As Mission Mission’s Allan Hough puts it, “It starts out horrifying and ends up making my mouth water. Just like many of the best things in life.” We’re a little reluctant to hear just what that refers to, outside the food world, but hey, maybe that’s all he meant.

Hey, Fiver, come here a minute…

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[Photo: Benjamin Bunny, via Wikisource]

Bunny, Meet Bunmei