Bloggy Popcorn: Gingerbread and Liquefied

Apparently no one gave us the memo that today is Blog About Popcorn Day, but that is okay, because by writing this post we are participating it. We’re also seriously considering firing up the ol’ microwave in order to have an entire bag of Act II Butter Lite for lunch. Why? Because we can.

On the much less jank end of the popcorn spectrum, though, TOC’s David Tamarkin sings the praises of the seasonally-available gingerbread popcorn at Garrett’s. And since ‘tis the season, and apparently a bag of the cinnamony, gingery good stuff is in Tamarkin’s hands right this second, the poor dude is presumably so busy playing the endless popcorn game of eat-fistfull-then-wipe-off-hands-then-repeat that we can only hope for the future of his editorial deadlines. Seriously, Dave, we’ve been there. We understand.

But then, of course, there’s Carol Blymire, who makes even Garrett’s look jank, because her popcorn is not even of our stratum: it’s Alinea’s liquefied caramel popcorn, which Carol is making as part of her epic Alinea At Home quest, in which she makes every single recipe in the Alinea cookbook. And in fact this particular recipe undertaking was significantly more epic than most, as it was written up in the Washington Post. It also contains an amazing line:

“Grant Achatz, why hast thou forsaken me?”

Which is something we say out loud every day that we log into our Gmail and realize, yet again, that Grant is not our gChat buddy.

Oh snap, Garrett’s! [TOC Blog]
Caramel Popcorn, liquefied [Alinea At Home]

[Photo via kozumel’s Flickr]

Bloggy Popcorn: Gingerbread and Liquefied