B*tches Brew

We definitely love the whole grab-and-go opportunity that Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts present to us on a daily basis. If we haven’t had time to enjoy our morning ritual of hooking up our caffeine IV while checking the news (cough, Facebook, cough) we love to stop in and grab a cup on our way to work. On almost every corner of Boston, one of these local coffee shops is the perfect stop to give that jolt you need, whether it’s the morning or middle of the night. However, after a few recalculations of our budget (aka gigantic bills attributed to daily stops at said coffee shops and expensive shoes) we realized we should try to make an effort to make our own brew. We felt a little badly about consuming our boss’ entire coffee stash, so we started bringing in our own pounds to lighten to economic burden of our caffeine addiction. While we appreciate the $6 per pound price tag for Dunkin Donuts Hazlenut of French Vanilla flavors, sometimes we like to branch out. While Starbucks is of course an obvious option, let’s diversify.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea does a great business per pound. Apparently, devoted fans are referred to as “Peetniks.” They must be pretty devoted, if they’re willing to spend almost $14 per pound on the signature Arabian Mocha Java. But when you think about how much you’re droppin’ for that daily latte at the ‘Bux, $14 a pound doesn’t sound too bad for the amount that it will provide you in your home. Another option is the popular Espresso Royale Cafe, most often populated by the bike riding, skinny jeans set. But man, do they know their coffee beans! We love their dark roasted blends, which retail for about $9 a pound. When we consider how much coffee we end up pouring in our boss’ Black and Decker on a daily basis, by the pound is pretty much the wisest way to caffeinate our day.

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B*tches Brew