Off the Line

Baywatch: Jean-Georges Vongerichten Edition

Photo: Food & Wine

Also in its upcoming issue, Food & Wine accompanies Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his business partner, Phil Suarez, on one of their bromantic vacations to St. Barts (actually, they bring the wife and kids, too). Apparently Vongo only takes two weeks off per year, which might explain why he’s kind of (um) intense even in paradise — “He yells at people on the beach,” says his cousin-in-law James. “He says to them, ‘Why are you lying on the beach when the water is out there?’”

A big wave rolls in. “Let’s catch it!” Jean-Georges yells to James. Though no one has declared it a contest, they vie to see who can ride it farthest, fastest. When the wave breaks, James stands to look for the chef. At first, he’s nowhere to be seen. But then, at the farthest edge of the water, from beneath the thick froth closest to the send, his black hair emerges. Jean-Georges stands up and smiles. If this was a competition he’s won it by a good 30 feet.

There you go — JGV, awesome even when it comes to chilling.

Baywatch: Jean-Georges Vongerichten Edition