Allergies Suck

Being deprived of a food - let alone a food group - is a pain, not to mention sort of sad. Unless you choose to go meat-free, vegan, or raw, most folks can consume at will. We can only imagine how difficult it can be to have Celiac disease.

George Washington Carver found all sorts of uses for the peanut, but sadly, some of us have no use for the tiny snacks at all. Thankfully, several of our city’s restaurants understand this dilemma, this forced exile from legumes. At Grezzo, which specializes in all sorts of healthy foods, they can easily take your nut allergy into consideration. Bertucci’s does a similarly helpful job of keeping the hive-inducing nuts completely out of the restaurant. It’s so much better when you can focus on the unlimited salad and those tiny, amazingly hot rolls.

If you’re in JP, stopping by Alchemist is always a safe bet. They have great beers on tap, we love the dark interior, and in the winter, this place is extra cozy with their hearty menu of steaks and soups to keep you warm. What you won’t get is an unexpected surprise, like a trip to the ER because your throat swelled shut. AL keeps it safe for peanut-phobes.

And while maybe not at the top of our list, we know that in Harvard Square, the Border Cafe will keep us safely away from our dreaded shelled enemy. We may not go nuts over their entrees, but at least they aren’t actually filled with nuts. If only everyone were so considerate of the freaks among us. At least this time, we didn’t bring our outsider status on ourselves.

Grezzo [Official Site]
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[Photo: tamburix/Flickr]


Allergies Suck