You Must Do This: Prohibition-Era Cocktail Lessons With Thrillist

We get a little bit of a thrill when we encounter the face (or, more generally, the byline) behind a blog. We get excited by the notion of, say, running into Chuck Sudo at the grocery store, or finding ourself at a dinner party at which a tablemate leans over and introduces herself by saying “Oh hey, I’m Heather Shouse.” It’s one of our stock morning-commute daydreams.

Of course, the odds of either of those things happening are asymptotically approaching zero, so — if you’re anything like us — you should be particularly excited by the opportunity this Wednesday night at Wave to get facetime with Dave Andrews, the consistently hilarious voice behind Thrillist Chicago.

Even if you’re not a byline-stalker like we are, you’ll find something to like — it’s an event at Wave in the W, called “So You Think You Can Bartend?” (It is unlikely that Mary Murphy will screech at you about riding the hot tamale train.)

Wave’s resident mixologist, Kevin Wonder, will lead the class in a crash course on Prohibition-era cocktail history and methodology, and then the aforementioned Mr. Andrews will judge one student’s in-class creation. The prize, besides glory and pride, will be your winning cocktail featured on Wave’s menu until the next class produces a winner to knock you off your podium.

The $35 ticket gets you not just proximity to internet semi-celebrity, but also nibbly food like chorizo pigs in a blanket and duck confit croquettes. Not to mention a gift bag and a pile of alcohol. Buy your tickets!

So You Think You Can Bartend
Wednesday, November 19th — 6pm–8pm
Wave, in the W Chicago hotel
644 N Lake Shore Drive
Tickets: 312.255.4460 or online

You Must Do This: Prohibition-Era Cocktail Lessons With Thrillist