You Must Do This: El Cheapo Secret Dining

When the dudes from GroupOn wrote to us a while back to introduce us to their venture, we were mightily intrigued. Groupon takes a sort of tipping point mentality and applies it to the always popular activity of saving money: If enough people sign up for a particular event, show, or program, they will all receive a substantial discount. If not enough people sign up, no dice.

The business aspect of this intrigued us, because secretly we are a giant economics nerd. But we told the team that we probably wouldn’t be writing about GroupOn until they handed us a deal that helped enfatten us. And now they have!

The latest GroupOn deal slashes the price at Clandestino, one of those underground supper clubs that are popping up everywhere. Instead of paying the usual $75 to dine at a secret location with a small group of similarly hip eaters, GroupOn is handing you instant watercooler story cred for the low low price of $50:

I (Andrew, founder of Groupon) have been to Clandestino three times. When we decided to launch this site, Chef Efrain was one of the first people I called. Of course the food is great, but that’s only scratches the surface of the experience.

There are usually four or five tables that seat eight. So even if you come with a date, expect to spend the next few hours sharing a meal with strangers. Now I’m as reclusive as they come, but without fail, I leave Clandestino with new friends and a reinvigorated belief that people are pretty neat. Even if you walk in the door a bit apprehensive, you walk out wishing there were more things like Clandestino.

At my first dinner, they made you bring your own pillows to sit on, creating a charming disparity in luxury between the food and posturpedence. They’ve since purchased a set of chairs, which will come as a relief to those of you who missed the yoga Groupon.

Join GroupOn (it’s free) and pick up your cut-rate dinner ASAP: there are only 30 slots available! The menu from the last dinner (Pumpkin, Taro, and Plantain Pasteles filled w/ Roast Pork; Roast Quail, Carrot and Plantain Sofrito, Yuca and Turnip Gratin; plenty of other courses) is mouthwatering. This dinner assuredly will be as well.

Clandestino - Gourmet Dining Event - 33% Off [GroupOn]

[Photo: An entree from the Wicker Park Clandestino dinner]

You Must Do This: El Cheapo Secret Dining