Yelp Is ‘Word Of Mouth On Steroids’

Now that we’ve made it to the second page of the Times’ expose of the world of Yelp (holy god this article is both long and slightly rage-inducing; we will probably get to page 3 after a few therapy sessions and a klonopin), we have uncovered another observant quote from someone close to home:

Joncarl Lachman, a Chicago chef and restaurateur, called Yelp “word of mouth on steroids.”

Lachman heads up HB Home Bistro, and his sentiment is basically a more concise version of something we’ve said before: “Where once we would tell a handful of friends what we thought of a place, we now tell hundreds — sometimes thousands — of friends, strangers, and google-searchers. Writing on a blog is basically shouting on the streetcorner, except (depending on your traffic) you’ve got a stadium-rock soundsystem and a Jumbotron to amplify your opinions, and the echoes reverberate more or less forever.”

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Yelp Is ‘Word Of Mouth On Steroids’