Workers Take Matters Into Their Own Hands at Sketchy Sweet Thang Bakery

Does the drama never end? Last month we regaled you with the drama of Sweet Occasions bakery — the bounced checks, the stolen cash, the prostitution, the Land Rover, the European vacations, the potential prostitution. Soap-worthy, no?

Well Sweet Occasions closed when the pile of shit got too deep to dig out of, and reopened as a near-identical storefront in Wicker Park, under the similar name Sweet Thang. Which then lost its lease, and reopened in Roscoe Village. And now that location, Gapers Block reports, is closed — under mysterious (but somehow hauntingly familiar) circumstances.

Fortunately for the good guys, the employees who have been unpaid are staging a protest-cum-press conference, in conjunction with the Chicago Interfaith Committee on Worker Issues. Tomorrow (Thursday), November 20th, at 3pm in front of the store at 2142 W Roscoe, between Hamilton and Chicago. Full press release after the jump.

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[Photo: Sweet Thang’s exterior, via yummyinthetummyblog’s Flickr]

Unpaid Workers to Demand Stolen Wages from Upscale Lakeview Bakery

WHO: Unpaid Workers and Clergy and Community Leaders
WHERE: Sweet Thang Bakery, 2142 W. Roscoe, Chicago
WHEN: Thursday, November 20 at 3:00 pm

Workers who helped make Sweet Thang Bakery a success have been denied wages owed to them, with several of their paychecks bouncing, resulting in additional bank fees. After workers alerted the bakery owner on several occasions, the owner closed his café to the public but still maintains his lucrative wedding cake operations.

With support from Lakeview-area clergy and the Chicago Interfaith Committee on Worker Issues, the workers will lead the picket line and a press conference.

“It is an abomination that, in these tough economic times, workers trying to provide for their families should be lead on to continue working for wages they have yet to see,” declared Interfaith Workers’ Center director Adam Kader.

Visual: Workers, along with community and religious allies, will deliver stale bread and demand more than $9,000 in stolen wages at an upscale Lakeview bakery and the employer’s home.


Workers Take Matters Into Their Own Hands at Sketchy Sweet Thang Bakery