Will It Be A Dungeness Recession, Too?

Some of the first news to come out of the impending Dungeness season, which starts Saturday: Apparently crabbers are not optimistic about their haul this year. From the Examiner:

Bumper hauls in recent years could mean less from this year’s harvest, California Department of Fish and Game marine biologist Peter Kalvass said.

“It goes through a natural cycle,” Kalvass said. “Based on the trend over the last couple of seasons, it looks like we’re probably in more of an average or perhaps slightly below-average catch year.”

The slim pickings caught by recreational fishers since their season began at the start of this month appear to confirm predictions of a poor season, but the real test will come once commercial crabbers head into the waters.

Ok, honestly? We’re reaching the end of our rope here. Can one freaking thing please go right economically? Anything, Christ! Perhaps it’s a banner year for shoe sole retreads, or maybe we could get a story about how great the pawn business is doing. We really thought the crab haul was going to be strong because the season got cut so short last year. But maybe this pessimism is an anti-jinx. We’ll see.

Crabbers wary of middling haul
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[Photo: Via ian ransley/flickr]


Will It Be A Dungeness Recession, Too?