What Would Warren Do?

Gajillionaire Warren Buffett once said “I buy expensive suits. They just look cheap on me.” Maybe that’s because the guy shoots out thousand dollar bills when he coughs. But despite his enormous wealth, one well known fact is that Warren, otherwise known as the “Oracle of Omaha,” is famously frugal. Rumor has it his will only leaves the kids with a mere million each (mere, ha). So in Beacon Hill, well known as one of Boston’s wealthiest neighborhoods and home to people such as John Kerry and former CEO of General Electric Jack Welch, it’s no easy feat to walk into a restaurant and get cheap meals. Charles Street has some pretty pricey restaurants that can break the bank on a whim. But luckily we’re in the know when it comes to bargains. We may have spent our senior year selling $500 shoes on Charles Street before getting fired for playing rap music in the store (Apparently that’s frowned upon). So follow us on this celebration of cheapskates, empty wallets, and unpaid bills.

At the top of Charles is adorable DeLuca’s Market, a Beacon Hill staple for years before Whole Foods landed. While you may be thinking, “That’s just a grocery store!”, we have to say au contraire, friend. Hit up the DeLuca’s deli for an overstuffed sandwich at around $5.99. And when we say overstuffed, we’re talking the type you can start for lunch and finish for dinner. Compare that to the expensive paninis and quiches on the street!

Continue down this famous avenue to Nino’s Pizza, where slices are larger than your head and go for a few bucks each. The perfect place for a cheap date or monster submarine with all the fixings, Nino’s may not be all that fancy, but do you really need your leftovers to be sculpted into a tin-foil goose? No, we didn’t think so.

Last but certainly not least, after all this walking it’s important to quench your thirst. And what a brilliant method to do so than with a beer at the The Sevens? A local pub known as one of the neighborhood’s best places to sit back with a brew, the bartenders are down to earth and the prices are down low too. So even if you’re a billionaire like dear Warren, or just a college kid looking to diversify your menu away from ramen noodles, nobody can deny the beauty of a delicious meal on the cheap.

Deluca’s Market [Official Site]
Sevens Alehouse [Official Site]

[Photo: Daagis]

What Would Warren Do?